the initial muttering

oh. hello there! where to start? there are so many ideas and things to write about. I am starting this blog as a place to simply write about, well, all the things. Whether those things have to do with raising a small dictator, marriage, or faults and the lessons learned from them. Or maybe it will be cooking, baking, working out, eating kind of healthy and all my various Pinterest fails. Or maybe it will just be everyday stories about daily life that I just need to share with everyone who feels like reading something other than Facebook. Blogging is new to me, so bear with me while I get the hang of it the first couple posts.

My husband brought the idea of blogging up to me after our son was born in 2016. He told me he thought it would be great to write about parenting and day-to-day things with a newborn as a way to keep me busy during maternity leave. You know, as if a new mother isn’t busy enough keeping a small human happy, fed and clean, wondering if you are doing enough tummy time and reading enough books, all while trying to get naps and showers in herself. It also could have been because he was tired of me talking his ear off about all the silly things that came to my mind and wanted to give me another outlet. I guess we will never know. But in all seriousness, my husband is beyond great. That will come in another blog post some day.

In addition to my husband, I have had a few different friends tell me I should start blogging. Whether it has been them asking me to blog about parenting or about my fitness routine (hint: bodypump) or even my eating habits. I gained almost fifty (yes, you read that right, 50) pounds while I was pregnant. And I am proud to say that I have lost all of that, and more, in the twenty-one months since my son was born. I think this is where most people wonder, “how did she do it?” I hate to tell you, but it did not come off easily. I had to make huge life changes and come to terms with the fact that the weight was not going to come off if I continued to eat Chick-fil-a and full bags of Doritos. Because honestly, it is true what they say, abs are made in the kitchen. So, I guess that is where my first dedicated blog post will come from. Pregnancy: weight gain and weight loss. I hope you will join me for that post, and many more, as my blogging adventure begins!

P.S. I am always open to topic suggestions, so if there is something you want me to discuss, throw your ideas at me. Whether it is in the comment section on my blog, via text, email, myspace message (does that still exist?), snail mail, whatever. I love to talk about all the things. Except for politics. I am not talking about politics. You can go visit your local Facebook page for that. I’ll save that drama for my mama. But legit, she loves politics. If you want to talk politics, talk to my mom.

P.P.S. joking aside, my mother is amazing. I am sure I will talk about her a lot. She’s probably dying on the inside right about now.

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