Local Buzz – Varina Vinyls

I moved to the “little” town of Fuquay-Varina five years ago with my husband. We purchased a house that was in short-sale about three months before our wedding and completely flipped it from the ground up. The good news is, we still got married! More on that adventure later…

Living in a small town brings the opportunity to shop at some unique mom-and-pop businesses that offer a wide variety of goods, products, and services. You’ll find that a lot of these shop owners were born and bred here in Fuquay and if you get them talking long enough, you’ll find out all kinds of town history and gossip. My first business spotlight is going to be on one that falls right into that category, history and gossip included!

Varina Vinyls, aptly named after two of the things she loves most, is owned by a wonderful woman named Angela. She was born and raised in Fuquay-Varina and is about as laid-back as the town itself. She never left this small town (she doesn’t even like to drive on the highway) and is now raising a family of her own right down the street from where she grew up. Fun fact: she and her husband are actually in the process of building a home on her family’s land, right next door to her mom. You will literally be able to throw a rock from one front porch to the other. Good thing they get along!

Angela purchased a vinyl machine a few years back to put monograms on her son and daughter’s clothes, backpacks, water bottles, etc. Her hobby quickly turned into a full-time business after all of her friends saw how talented she was and started to spread the word. It has grown so big that another local shop, Shoppes on Main, sends all of their vinyl orders directly to Angela.

The endless possibilities of designs that Angela can make are what keeps her excited; she never knows what kind of project she is going to get next! Her most popular items are monograms (think Yeti cups, Swell bottles) and t-shirts, but her library of talents is so much larger than that. She becomes most excited when she is asked to create something for a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement. Who wouldn’t get excited to be chosen to create something that holds such importance in someone else’s life?!

Angela has an extensive collection of shiny, matte, patterned, and glitter vinyl in every possible color you can imagine that you’re bound to find something you like. Her font library is also endless! Personally, fonts are where I struggle. I spend more time picking out the font than the design itself. I swear it drives her crazy!

Outside of the actual work, Angela says she loves all the people she has had the opportunity to meet and interact with throughout her journey thus far. She never knew buying a vinyl machine would bring her so many new friendships, but she is extremely thankful for them. She truly enjoys helping bring someone’s vinyl vision to life and seeing the joy on their face when they see the final product. I personally have been this person quite a few times!

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Angela runs her business out of her home and takes the majority of her orders via Facebook. The price of each item will vary per order as the type of vinyl, size, quantity, and complexity of the design will all factor into the cost. The turnaround time for most items is about two weeks, but she can almost always do a rush order for $2.00 extra if/when needed. Once the product is finished you can pick it up, or I have even known her to personally deliver it. Now that is customer service!

For more information and to place an order visit Varina Vinyls on Facebook.

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