The OG of Nail Polishes

If you know me you will know that I love nail polish. Not just a little bit. I love it to the extent that it is borderline obsessive. If I had to guess at how many times I have painted my nails so far this year it would be somewhere around 1,379 times. There is just something I love about being able to paint my nails to match my mood, outfit, or current holiday. I also have an obsession with peeling nail polish. It drives my husband crazy. I have a nail polish rack hanging on the wall of our master closet (yes, like the ones they have at the salons. have I mentioned that my husband is a saint?) and at one time I had over 100 different colors. Recently I weeded through all my various shades of pinks, purples, blues and glitters to toss any that I never used or had just become too thick and dry. I decided that I needed to pay tribute to the few polishes that have remained on my rack throughout the years as a staple that I turn to time and time again.

My absolute favorite color that will forever be my OG, #1, go-to, main squeeze, is OPI’s Bubble Bath. I am not entirely sure why this color only has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon because it is the most beautiful soft pink color that ever existed. I wore it for my wedding and I pretty much wear it any time I do not want a “color” on my fingers. I love the way a nude polish looks and this one doesn’t let me down. It has the slightest bit of pink and with a third coat (I always do two coats), it is a bit darker. So if you’re feeling feisty, go with three coats. I honestly hope OPI never discontinues this color because it would be seriously life-altering for me. And if they do, I hope they announce it beforehand so I can buy all the bottles from all the stores.

Second runner-up to Bubble Bath is Essie Ballet Slippers. Approved by the British royal family, and the go-to of Queen Elizabeth for twenty-nine years, I recently discovered this color and became obsessed with it. I love the way Essie polishes apply so smooth and seems to level themselves out as they dry. This shade of pale pink is a bit sheerer than Bubble Bath, so it is great for every-day wear or for more formal events where you want your nails to be less party and Queen-like. This polish also gets a shout-out in the movie The Devil Wears Prada by the one and only Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep). So, I guess if it is good enough for the Queen and Miranda, it is good enough for me.

Need a summer shade? Look no further than OPI’s Cajun Shrimp. The perfect blend of orangey-pink coral deliciousness that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island even though you’re just in the 97 degrees of humid horror that is North Carolina. Cajun Shrimp is my go-to summer shade for my toes. I hardly wear anything else because it is just enough pink and just enough orange to look fabulous with pretty much anything I am wearing. I sometimes match my toes to my fingers but I tend to go bolder on my toes and more neutral on my fingers.

My favorite classic shade is Big Apple Red, also by OPI. I love the way a true red polish looks on nails. Despite being extremely classic and elegant, I find that red nails compliment any fall look, especially black. Big Apple Red is your true American red that is just the right amount of shiny and bright that it is perfect for the holidays, especially Christmas and Independence Day.


Is your favorite nail polish shade on this list? If not, what is it? I would love to hear your go-to shades so that I can add them to my collection!

P.S. I am glad I wrote this post because it reminded me that I am all out of Bubble Bath. Need to head to the store stat to pick more up!

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