What I am Loving: September 2018

September brings the end of summer and the beginning of my favorite season, fall! It is my favorite season for so many reasons. Not only is my son a fall baby, but my husband and I got married in the fall and it is also jean season! There is nothing comfier than a broke-in pair of jeans and soft t-shirt. So, in my ode to summer, ‘What I am Loving’ September introduces you to a few of my summer favorites!

goodr Sunglasses


I was introduced to goodr sunglasses by a friend when I noticed her walking out of the gym wearing a pair. They were bright pink with colored lenses and I was instantly obsessed. I did some research, found where they were sold locally (OMEGA Sports in Crossroads is the closest place to Fuquay) and headed on over to check them out in person. I was planning on buying one pair and in true Nina fashion, I walked out with three pairs for myself and one pair for my husband. These sunglasses are everything, especially if you love to be outside or are a runner. They were originally made for runners but are perfect for everyday wear. I always had an issue with my Ray-Bans slipping down my face due to sweat while doing yard work. goodr sunglasses don’t slip. Not even one bit. I feel cheated not having known about these earlier in my life. They come in a variety of fun colors, two different sizes, and are extremely affordable!

shop goodr here

KicKee Pants Sleepwear

While my son and I were vacationing in DC I wanted he and his best friend to have a pair of matching pajamas to wear on our last night of our visit. My friend Erica told me about this cute little boutique downtown Alexandria that sells KicKee Pants pajamas. Made of 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex, she assured me that they were the softest pajamas ever, and she was right. They are heaven to touch and every time I put them on my son I wish they were big enough to fit me. Luckily they sell them in adult sizes so I will be adding a mommy & me matching set to my christmas list! While KicKee is a bit pricey ($35 for boys pajamas, $72 for adult) I definitely think it is worth it. I purchased two sets at the boutique because they were having a sale of BOGO 50% off. Couldn’t pass that up! In addition to pajamas, KicKee also sells clothing, blankets, underwear, swaddles, footies, and so much more!

shop KICKEE here

‘Suits’, on USA

Way back in the day my husband and I were obsessed with ‘Suits’ on USA. Eventually I grew bored with it and stopped watching. Fast forward a few years, Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry and I decided, as send-off to her old life, I needed to go back, pickup where I left off and start watching again. Just as I imagined, we got sucked in and obsessed again. We are on season 8, currently airing on TV, and it brought it two new characters. I was not a huge fan of Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) the first couple episodes, but now that she is creating this girl power team with Donna I am starting to love her. Is anyone else out there still rooting for Darvey?! I AM I AM!

you can catch up on past seasons of ‘Suits’ on Netflix and watch the current season on USA.

Books from the Library and Goodwill Industries

I am not sure if it is the warm weather and sunshine that entices me to read more than usual, but I have finished a ton of books recently. The ones that I have read most recently are:

Behind Closed Doors (B.A. Paris), Surprise Me (Sophie Kinsella), Bring Me Back (B.A. Paris), The Husband’s Secret (Liane Moriarty), The Last Anniversary (Liane Moriarty), The Couple Next Door (B.A. Paris), The Woman in Cabin 10 (Ruth Ware), The Lying Game (Ruth Ware), In a dark, dark wood (Ruth Ware), The Wedding Girl (Madeleine Wickham).

As you can see, there tends to be a bit of a theme here. I enjoy mystery/suspense thrillers that keep me guessing until the end; I tend to not be able to put them down! I do enjoy a good romantic comedy every now and then, but they typically take me a bit longer to get through. My mom and I love to trade books, and she usally buys them then passes them off to me. I recently started checking our local Goodwill in search for books. I love looking through all the books and the feeling I get when I find one by an author I like. Small victory! I actually snagged a couple of the titles listed above for $0.50 each. I have also started utilizing our local library for more than just books for my son. I love the library online system because it allows me to request a hold on a book without even going in. Once the book arrives they email me and I simply walk in, find my book in the reserved section then check it out. Simple simple! I just finished ‘Bring Me Back’ (in less than 36hrs because it was that good) and am starting ‘A Stranger in the House’ by Shari Lapena next.

Fresh Peaches

There are not many things better than a delicious sweet peach on a hot summer day.  I love that summer grilling and peach season coincide with each other because grilled peaches are such a wonderful savory, sweet treat! To kick yours up a notch, combine/mix melted butter, sugar, cinnamon, honey and salt in a bowl, then brush it on the peaches. Grill until just golden brown on each side, brush on more of the mixture then enjoy as a side dish or dessert with vanilla ice cream. You’ll wish you made more so just double the amount from the beginning 🙂

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