An Open Letter To My Husband

To My Husband,

Five years of marriage have come and gone. We have experienced so much change throughout those years but the one thing that has never changed is our love and friendship; they have only grown. My love for you is indescribable but humor me for a moment while I try and put it into words.

I love and thank you for always putting me first above anyone else, and for always putting my needs and wants before your own. No matter what they are you always encourage and push me to do what I want, all while putting yourself second. You are without a doubt the most generous man I know, not only to me and our family but also to our friends. I love you for never wanting to disappoint me because it means you put your heart and soul into each and everything you do.

I love and thank you for never being that husband that slept through when we had a newborn who needed to be fed or comforted at midnight, then again at two, and again at four. You always got up with me {and still do to this day}, whether it was to help me feed the baby or just to keep me company while I pumped, then insisting you take the milk down to fridge so I didn’t have to. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be half the parent I am today without your constant support and willingness to always share in the parenting duties.

Thank you for loving me not only when it is easy, but also when it is hard; for never {seriously} complaining about how needy or indecisive I am, even when it comes making simple everyday life decisions. I love you for the countless times you’ve gotten out of bed at night to go get me a snack or water from the kitchen. For always being a calming presence when my anxiety gets too high and I begin to worry about all the things, whether big or small. For always being my protector and making me feel safe in your arms. Thank you for loving me even though I sometimes forget how lucky I am and take you for granted.

I love you for getting up at six AM, going to work until six PM, coming home and jumping right into parenting and household duties without missing a beat. You never rest but also never complain. Thank you for spending your free time on the weekends tending to the house and all that needs to be completed even when I know you would rather be relaxing with a beer in your hand formulating a plan for your next project.

I love you for letting me be a stay-at-home mom. Being a mother is the greatest job I have ever had and I am lucky that you allow me to do it full-time. I love you for giving me the time I need to pursue my passion of bodypump and blogging, even though neither brings in any amount of decent income; you let me do it because you know how much I truly enjoy them both.

Thank you for watching my crappy reality tv with me at night when you would much rather be watching something with slightly less screaming and isn’t as likely to kill your brain cells. I love you for humoring me when you knew that yellow paint I picked out for the powder room was going to look terrible. You painted it anyway then repainted it again a year later when I finally realized my poor life choice. Thank you for always laughing at my silly jokes and putting up with my glitter obsession throughout the holidays.

I love you for telling me no when I need to be told no. For loving me through the hard times and the good ones, and although I can be a brat and make you madder than a bull, you still start and end each day by giving me a kiss. Thank you for allowing me to mess up and learn from my experiences, even though you likely told me the correct way to do it and I didn’t listen. Thank you for knowing who I truly am and not letting me be a lesser version of myself; for sticking up for me, even if sometimes you really shouldn’t.

Thank you for being the hardest working man I know because it has given us a better, more fulfilling life than I ever could have imagined. You have given me two of the greatest gifts ever: a true love and a family, and there is not one thing I would change of this magnificent, chaotic, sleep-deprived life we have created. I will never be able to repay you for all that you have given me but know that I am eternally and immensely grateful, each and every second of every day. 

So here’s to you, Mr. Rossi, on our five-year anniversary. Thank you for being perfect; not only perfect for me as a husband and friend but also a perfect father for our son. Thank you for choosing me five years ago on that hot, sunny day in October and every day since. I am honored and proud to call you mine, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Cheers to five years!

To the moon and back again,


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