Looking Back at 2018

2018 was another year for the books. While it held both its ups and downs it also held quite a few changes which just happened to come right as the year was coming to a close. I could go into so much detail about everything that happened but instead I will share my highlights.

Walker is two (and three months) and continues to amaze us with his witty personality. Every day he does something that makes us laugh out loud. He has the most caring heart, is very considerate and also extremely hard-headed. He gets that from me. Dugan often says to me that he hopes Walker never loses his personality and I agree. He is the light of our life, even on his most difficult days. We can mark 2018 down as the first time he officially scared me by hiding in the dark, jumping out and saying ‘boo’ at the perfect moment. Yes, my two year old did that. The best part is that I was FaceTiming with my mom at the time so she got to witness the whole thing. In August Walker started preschool and has a couple of friends that he loves seeing every week. He also started speech this fall and is now talking non-stop, repeating words we say, hears on TV and saying ones we didn’t even know he knew. Walker is still shy when he meets someone new but once he gets to know you, there is no turning back! He loves puzzles, figuring out how things ‘work’, all things with wheels, and trash day; ha!

Traveling was something we had the opportunity to do a lot of this year, both as a family and just myself & Walker. A lot of our trips were to visit friends which is something I hope to continue in 2019. I love being able to visit friends we don’t see that often while showing Walker different cities and towns. Our first long road trip was something we conquered in 2018. We traveled to DC to visit with some of our closest friends who moved in the early part of the year and that trip was definitely good for mine and Walkers’ souls. Luckily my mom made that trip with us which made it much more tolerable. We took our first plane ride and made our first visit to Disney with Walker, both of which were memories that I will cherish forever.

I have been teaching Bodypump a lot more and can honestly say that I love it just as much as I did the day I decided to take the leap and get certified. While it does take up a lot of my “free time” learning new releases, putting together playlists, and practicing my choreography and cues, it is all worth it. The members at the gym I teach at always come with the best attitudes wanting to work hard and have seen how their dedication has made them stronger. They even laugh at my silly jokes and sarcasm every once in a while; thanks guys! All of this and the friendships I have made with my fellow instructors solidify that the time I spend on it all is beyond worth it.

Something I loved having the opportunity to do this year is spending so much time with my parents. Walker loves them beyond words, as do I, and I am so glad we get to share our lives with them. We got to spend our first summer at their lake house! Besides being a fun summer retreat, Walker fell in love with being out on the boat and jet ski and also feeding fish off the dock. While we don’t get to see my father due to work travel, we get to go on so many fun adventures and outings with my mom during the week that hopefully continues in 2019.

Blogging was something I took a leap of faith on and I am so glad I decided to jump. It has given me an outlet to write about anything and everything and has also given me an excuse to bake more! But my blog wouldn’t be where it is today if I didn’t have people like you who read my blogs, so I can’t end 2018 without thanking you. Thanks for the ‘likes’, shares, and encouragement.

The end of 2018 brings with it a new job (and a more fuel efficient family car) for my husband! He may have shed a tear getting rid of his truck but since his commute will now be to Raleigh instead of 4 miles down the road, he needed something that got more than 14 mpg. After spending 13 years with the same company he finally received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. The new job, along with many other perks, will allow him to be home more which makes me extremely happy. Walker is changing so much these days so I am glad my husband will have more time at home to experience it all. This new job will also allow my husband to travel more, including overseas, which makes me slightly jealous! I loved traveling for work (and leisure) and cannot wait to for him to have that opportunity. Hopefully he brings me souvenirs!

We also end 2018 with the news that my husband is four years cancer-free! His most recent check-up was last week and everything came back clear!! I get emotional every time he goes in for tests because there is always the possibility that the cancer could have returned. I am beyond grateful for a healthy husband!

In 2019 I am hoping to grow more as a person. Learning to be more patient, worry less and not stress as much. I want to continue on ridding my life of negatives and surround myself with things I truly enjoy, even if that includes people. I want to stop making promises to myself and others that I know I won’t keep. I hope to grow my blog to a bigger audience that hopefully brings new experiences and opportunities. Walker has been asking for a ‘baby’ so maybe 2019 will bring us another healthy and happy baby-whether naturally or via IUI- to love on!!

Happy New Year! Wishing you everything good and positive in 2019!

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