What I am Loving – Baby Edition

The good thing about baby number two is that, as a parent, you kind of know what you’re doing. And I used ‘kind of’ loosely. Do we ever truly know what we’re doing?! We were spared the impulse to buy all the “cool” baby stuff on the shelves at Target because we already knew what we liked, what works, and what doesn’t. Most of the things I am still loving as a parent of a newborn are the same as when my son was a baby. However, having a girl has brought a lot more choices as far as clothes and accessories so naturally, I have a few new ‘loves’ when it comes to everyday essentials.


Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.37.41 AM

(1) Lou Lou & Company, (2) Baby Brezza Formula Pro, (3) Baby Bling Bows, (4) Copper Pearl Burp Cloths, (5) DockAtot, (6) UPPAbaby Vista, (7) Zutano Booties,


I stumbled upon Lou Lou and Company after seeing an ad on Instagram. I was looking for gowns, swaddles, and of course, bows! I knew I had hit the jackpot when I saw the huge selection of printed and solid gowns and swaddles, great for both girls and boys, and a vast array of bows. The fabric is extremely soft with the most perfect amount of stretch. The LL&C swaddles and gowns were my go-to in the hospital and the gowns are still perfect for days that we are lounging at home; I personally do not think gowns are ideal for car seat travel. The swaddles make great car seat covers and blankets now that we use a sleepsack. Every Monday LL&C has a special sale and every Thursday AM they release new prints!

My absolute favorite thing to accessorize my daughter with is a bow. Our motto is ‘no bow, no go’ and I uphold that motto daily. I was lucky enough to be given quite a few Baby Bling Bows from my best friend during our great clothing exchange. I had never heard of them before but they quickly became an obsession. Our bow collection is huge and spans across many different brands, but I always end up reaching for a baby bling bow when dressing my daughter. The fit is perfect with the right amount of stretch that doesn’t leave indentations on her head. They also have the most adorable patterns!

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro… think Keurig for baby formula.  The Formula Pro was something that we purchased when our son had to be switched to formula. We ended up selling it once he was done with formula as I intended on breastfeeding our next child. All was going great with my daughter for the first couple of weeks but then, due to poor weight gain and digestion issues, we switched her to formula. My parents were nice enough to gift us with the new Formula Pro Advanced and it is still a lifesaver. It is also my number one recommended item for new parents who need to formula feed.

Copper Pearl bibs have been a favorite of mine since our son was an infant. This time around, not only are their bibs still a top favorite but I have now fallen in love with their burp cloths. They are soft, come in great patterns and colors, and keep their shape even after washing quite a few times. But the thing I love most is that they are thick enough that even the most ridiculous amount of spit-up will not leak through.

Two things that I did not have for our son but am so thankful to have for our daughter is the DockAtot and Zutano booties. The DockAtot is perfect for naptime during the day. Yes, I know it isn’t regulated and all that crap. Don’t lecture me on that. I only let her sleep in it during the day when I am awake. It cradles her just enough that she is comfy and I don’t need to swaddle her. The Zutano booties are basically socks, but better. They snap in two different sizes and never come off. They are perfect for when babies’ feet are too small for shoes but you still want something a little more than socks. If it is really cold, I will double up with socks and then the booties.

Last, but definitely not least, is the UPPAbaby Vista and the Mesa infant seat. We had the red Vista travel system and Mesa for our son and had all the intentions of using it again but my sweet mom said that our daughters’ outfits would clash with the red so my parents bought us the Bryce as a baby gift and it is gorgeous. Just like the first time around, I use this stroller daily. We added the Piggyback board so our son can stand up and ride instead of sitting in the toddler seat. He LOVES it!

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