What I am Loving – March 2020

I am keeping this short and sweet because life is still moving and I need to get back to it. But I didn’t want to go another day without sharing ‘what I am loving’ these days. Honestly, this list could be so much longer but I feel that some of the things I am currently loving deserve their own individual post (cough Schitt’s Creek cough).

Wet Brush

I don’t know what kind of sorcery they use to make Wet Brushes where they glide through the most tangled hair like a hot knife in butter, but it is something phenomenal. That is all I have to say. And it is enough. Go buy one. Or five. For every room, bag, and vehicle you own so you are never without one. Yes, the mini versions are just as fantastic.


The brand, not figuring out where your ancestors came from. My collection has grown leaps and bounds in the last year. Long story short: one time in college I fell asleep in the tanning bed. My face wasn’t covered. I came out looking like a lobster with severe burns on my face. Ever since then my face has been permanently red. My daily skincare routine with various Origins products has helped greatly with evening my skin-tone and giving it some life back. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore and I am loving it!

Morning routine: Checks and Balances face wash, Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience lotion*, Ginzing Refreshing Eye cream, Ginzing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel moisturizer

Nightly Routine: Checks and Balances face wash, Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience lotion*, Night-A-Mins moisturizer, ‘Hello,Calm’ mask** 

Weekly: Clear Improvement Charcoal mask 

*this is more like a toner than a lotion

**I don’t use this as it says to in the directions. Meaning, I don’t apply it as an actual mask and then take it off. I apply just a little as my last step and leave it on as an overnight mask and it is glorious. It also smells like all the good things in the world. 

LeapFrog LeapStart Go System

My son is very into learning and technology. I don’t give him my phone to play games on and he doesn’t get his tablet unless he is getting his hair cut, we are on a road trip,  or we are going to a longer than usual medical appointment. We’re not ‘those’ people. However, I wanted to find something that would satisfy his technological side while still advances and reinforces learning. The LeapStart Go pen is one of his favorite ‘toys’ to reach for. So far we have five different books that allow him to earn stickers if he completes the tasks. It helps develop his listening skills, better understand concepts and helps him follow directions in order to solve problems. It also keeps him occupied for at least thirty minutes, sometimes an hour, which is a serious mom win.

If you are looking for an awesome birthday or Christmas gift for a child ages 3+ years, I would recommend this more than anything. 

Love Is Blind – Netflix

‘Love Is Blind’ is a really trashy Netflix reality show but it sucked me in within the first five minutes. Two days later, I was finished with the whole season. What can I say, I love some trashy reality tv. I see you, Real Housewives of NJ…. And OC…. And BH. I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t watched ‘Love Is Blind’ yet, but let’s just say it is a cross between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Love At First Sight’ but infinitely better than both of those shows combined. I honestly don’t know if one of the girls on LIB is ever sober and that makes it much more cringe-worthy. Go watch it!

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