Let’s Focus on the Good

We’re all going through it. COVID-19. It’s not just some people, it’s everyone.

Kids are out of school, people are out of work, businesses are closed and might never reopen, people are getting sick and dying. We know all about the bad and the ugly and even though there is so much more depth to it, let’s focus on the good.

Parents who are usually working all day and typically only get to see their children at night for one or two hours before bedtime are now getting to spend all day with them. They get to experience their firsts and their seconds. They get to see how brilliant of a mind their child has when it comes to daily life, and how much they grow and excel in just one day.

Friends and family are talking on the phone or video chatting more and texting less. There is more meaningful communication than ever before.

Kids are playing outside. They’re running, laughing, exploring, and learning how to play with what they can find in their environment instead of rushing to the nearest playground with friends.

People are making better choices with spending their money and also being conscious of supporting small businesses. Let’s keep that trend even when this is all over!

Parents are getting more involved and moving out of their comfort zone to create activities and crafts to help their kids learn at home while still having fun.

People are taking more time to work on projects they have been putting off, like yard work or home updates.

Neighbors are meeting each other and talking more often, or sometimes for the first time – with at least six feet of separation – because they pass each other on daily walks or while being outdoorsy.

People are reading more and even watching more tv; broadening their horizons and watching things they probably wouldn’t. Tiger King anyone?!

People who love working out are finding new and innovative ways to keep their fitness going at home, even more so since they have even more time on their hands. Also, being able to workout outside isn’t too shabby!

Life might be slower and a little less hectic, but isn’t that a good thing? No deadlines to meet, for the most part. No appointments to rush to. No back-to-back crazy, exhausting daily schedules to keep up with.

And when we come out of all this, a lot of people are going to realize that what they used to do on a daily basis might not really be something they need to do. They went so long without it, why bring it back?

We’re living a more simple life, and that is pretty beautiful

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