Local Buzz: Skrimp Shack

I met Tom and Jimmy, co-owners of Skrimp Shack Holly Springs, at Starbucks on a sunny yet mildly-breezy October morning. They instantly knew who I was, probably because I looked like a flustered mom arriving at our meeting with one minute to spare. I took a seat at the table and Jimmy asked if I … Continue reading Local Buzz: Skrimp Shack

RMB : Dining out with toddlers without electronics!

My husband and I promised electronics would not be an option for our son during meal times. Meal times are family time, not time to hide behind the screen (for adults or children!) Follow the link below to check out my first blog post for the Raleigh Moms Blog, outlining what we do to keep … Continue reading RMB : Dining out with toddlers without electronics!