Local Buzz: Redneck BBQ Lab

This past weekend my husband and I were child-free (thanks Mom and Dad!) and when that happens we love to get out, explore and do things we wouldn't normally do with our toddler son in tow. Driving 30 minutes on a whim for lunch is definitely something that falls into that category. This local buzz is going … Continue reading Local Buzz: Redneck BBQ Lab

Local Buzz: Fresh Lather Soap

Soap is one of those things that [hopefully] everyone uses. Fresh Lather Soap, a local homemade soap business in Holly Springs, brings you natural soaps and other soap-like items with a bit of flare and love. I met Melanie, the owner and mastermind behind all the Fresh Lather Soap products a couple years back when … Continue reading Local Buzz: Fresh Lather Soap