If he was still here.

For most people, every March 17th is a day to wear green and share some drinks with friends.

For me, every March 17th I count the years and think to myself, ‘has it really been that long’?

The Wedding Dress Fund

Back in 2012 after I got engaged and started the process of planning my wedding my mom "gave" me the most thoughtful gift. She explained that around the time I was in middle school she started putting money aside each month so that one day, whenever the time came, she could buy me my wedding … Continue reading The Wedding Dress Fund

Kids These Days

Technology. It is an industry that has grown immensely in the past ten to fifteen years. I am sure you can remember the days when cell phones were used for solely for calling people and internet was the dial-up kind that could only be used if you didn’t have to make a telephone call. It … Continue reading Kids These Days